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About us


Honduras Is Not For Sale is a social campaign for the defense of the Honduran territory, human rights, and the preservation & protection of our ecosystem. We want to raise awareness about the unconstitutionality of the Organic Law of Employment Zones and Economic Development (ZEDE). This campaign seeks to make visible the injustices of the Honduran government towards its population and to unify the community as a whole.

This is an initiative started by the Committee for the Defense of the Bay Islands, an organization with the purpose of protecting the land and the people of Bay Islands community, who at the moment are suffering the the consequences and dangers of ZEDE Próspera. 

Honduras Is Not For Sale seeks to make people aware of the danger of ZEDES - an unethical project - that seeks to sell our country little by little, leaving us in worse conditions than we currently are. Bay Islands has been a municipality forgotten by the central government, and it is thanks to local and foreign investors that the island has achieved its development. Honduras Not for Sale invites investors to undertake their projects respecting our culture, our lands, our laws and our rights.

Why do we say NO to the ZEDES? To avoid losing our sovereignty; the expropriation of our land; our right to vote, elect and be elected; our lifestyle; our cultural heritage; our fundamental human rights and the fragmentation of our municipality and country.

The ZEDE law openly violates several constitutional precepts and establishes an exception to the constitutional duty of Hondurans and foreigners, in addition to violating fundamental rights and freedoms mentioned in International Treaties.

The repeal of the ZEDES law is the main of Honduras Is Not For Sale, due to its negative implications in the island territories and the rest of the country.